Story by Mandy Glass. Photos David Moore (DM) and Mandy Glass (MG)

„This afternoon, just after 2 o’clock, I was approached by Reji (MAF PNG’s Flight Scheduler) if I want to go on a flight, then this is the time! It was a medical evacuation that needed to be done from Kol for a young child who had fallen into some boiling hot water and got badly injured.
So I joined the pilot for my first flight in PNG and it’s a medical evacuation!
The flight was spectacular with a little bit of turbulence, beautiful views and an interesting landing in Kol as it is a bit of a soft landing strip. And then to see the child nestled up and with some IV; being just there to help them get on the plane to be able to fly them back was amazing.
And 1 hour 40 minutes after the call we are back in Mt Hagen and the child is on its way to the hospital, which is awesome!
You feel the emotion when you land and you realise you’ve done such an amazing thing. It’s great, really great!“

Very passionate about his medevac flight experience, David Moore gave this account of his first ever MAF flight after being seven days in the country. Together with his wife Caroline, he is visiting the MAF Papua New Guinea programme as the couple considers being long-term staff members and part of our team in the future.

The girl got admitted to the Kudjip Hospital to receive the treatment she needs. Apparently, her mother placed a freshly boiled pot of hot water near the entrance of her haus kuk (separate bush material house used for cooking). When the girl came to see her mum she stumbled over the pot with the boiling hot water.

Please pray with us that the burns will heal well so she can run around her village again one day without having pain and will remember this event in her life as something God was in control of and where many people just where there at the right moment to help her:

• Her father who carried her 2 days to the next clinic, where the Community Health Workers treated her burns and set an IV.
• The CRMF team who passed on the call for the medevac to our Mt Hagen based programming office who then organised the flight ringing a pilot to come back from home to fly the medevac on a bright sunny afternoon.
• After landing at Mt Hagen, our Communications Officer went to get one of the medevac care bags blessing the child with a soft toy, a set of clothes and other things, packed by our expat spouses and words of encouragement and prayer.
• The Jimi MP, Wake Goi, whose funds paid for the flight; and the Jiwaka Health Department which sent an ambulance to get the family to Kudjip hospital.
• The doctors and nurses of Kudjip hospital who will attend to the young girl.

Please pray also for David Moore and his wife as they process all the experiences of their look-see-visit and seeking the Lord’s guidance and confirmation if joining the MAF PNG Team as long-term support staff is what God wants them to do.


The flight happened on Wednesday, 24 April 2019 and the girl arrived at the Kudjip hospital in the early evening.
The following day we received word that the girl is stable and she is going to make it, but will likely need two separate skin grafts. The doctor needs to wait a couple of days to let the burns demarcate so he can tell exactly what he needs to graft and what skin he has to work with, he guesstimated at 20% burns. It’ll be a multiple month inpatient stay as she recovers from probably two different graft surgeries.