When pilot Corné Noordhoek started his flying on Thursday morning (1 April 2021), he had no idea of the impact that his full day would have. At mid-day, he was called and told of a medical evacuation that was needed out of Yambaitok. The Yambaitok based ethnos360 (NTM) missionary was reporting a man in his mid-20s that was very sick and they didn’t know what to do. Corné returned to Mt. Hagen, re-configured the plane, and headed to pick up the patient. Upon arrival at Yambaitok, the young man was loaded into the plane and then Corné departed for Yenkisa, to pick up Dr. David Mills (who MAF had dropped off the day before so that Dr. Mills and his medical team could conduct a remote medical clinic as part of our Kompiam Aerial Health Patrols).
It should be mentioned here that while Dr. Mills and his team were in Yenkisa for their Aerial Health Patrol, they saw 63 medical patients, 32 dental patients and had an evening showing of the Jesus Film – all in just 24 hours!!! – That’s living life to the full!!
Corné, Dr. Mills, the medical team, and the patient departed Yenkisa for Kompiam, the site of Kompiam District Hospital.
Dr. Mills later relayed the following. “This young man was really, really sick! He had a strangulated hernia . His bowel was completely obstructed and if MAF hadn’t got him out when they did, he would have died a horribly agonizing death! I have to say – we are so very thankful for MAF. This wasn’t a case where this man had days, it was truly a case of hours!”
Such an incredible reminder of the Reality of the Resurrection!
We are here to be Christ’s ambassadors of hope, healing, care, compassion, and the message of the Cross!! Abundant Life!
Thank you to each of you, from every part of the ministry who together help to bring the Reality of the Resurrection to the remote communities of PNG! From those in offices around the world, to those in engineering, on the ramp, raising funds, telling the stories, maintaining the records and on and on.
Together as one united team, we are living life to the full and taking the message of the Cross to those in need!

As we celebrate our 70th year, we would love to hear YOUR stories. These could be details of a medical evacuation, testimonies of transformation, or stories of joy and hope – written in about 200-300 words or as comfortable. Do not worry about the style and presentation as we are interested in the story itself. Please write your stories in English or Tok Pisin. Or could you send us some old photographs to share some of MAF’s history and tell us the story behind the picture? We would like to honor those of you who come forward and share what MAF has meant to you. The best articles will be rewarded with a small prize and of course being published on our MAF PNG web and social media channels.
Please submit your story to our communication department, by the end of April to be considered for a prize. Future testimonies may also be sent to our communication department, preferable via email [email protected] with the subject “MAF PNG 70th–testimony”

Also, if you have old photographs or other accounts capturing our 70 years of air service across Papua New Guinea, please send them our way.
You’re welcome to also send us your entry via post or on the MAF ‘balus’:

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A smile on the face of the young mother on seeing her newborn child who nearly died in childbirth; relief in the eyes of the father who can finally send his son to school after weeks of waiting; cheers from the entire community as the ‘balus’ brings in precious food, water and shelter after the earthquake; gratitude of the farmer who can finally get his coffee beans into town and some much-needed money in return; the excitement of the work brigade as they unload the ‘walkabout’ sawmill and other tools for building a new school; tears in the eyes of the family whose beloved deceased we could bring back to their remote village; eternal hope that comes with receiving the Word of God in their heart language. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has been bringing physical and spiritual hope and transformation to the remote communities of Papua New Guinea for the last 70 years.
From its humble beginnings in Madang in 1951, and the ultimate sacrifice by Harry Hartwig only a few months into operation, to the present day with a fleet of brand-new Cessna 208 Caravans, MAF has come a long way. At its peak, MAF had a footprint from the Western Province all the way to Bougainville. We have heard many stories from our beloved people of PNG, missionaries, and NGO partners about how MAF has served as their lifeline, impacting their communities, and improving their lives.
Over the years our fleet has changed, but our vision has remained the same: to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name by the sharing of God’s love through aviation and technology.
Using our Cessna C208 Caravan aircraft we can overcome the physical barriers that prevent people in mainland Papua New Guinea from having access to healthcare, education, safe water, and the Gospel. We are bringing help, hope and healing to the isolated people of this country. As a team of around 100 national and 40 international staff, spread across 11 bases, we serve local communities, local churches, missionaries, NGOs, development and relief agencies, and government departments who are working to change the lives of those living in remote areas.

A special celebration needed a special logo!
What does MAF mean to you? Can you condense MAF’s 70 years of impact in Papua New Guinea’s remote communities and the ongoing need for MAF’s presence in PNG into one logo?
As MAF PNG was preparing to celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2021, we for people to get creative and design a temporary MAF PNG anniversary logo. We received 19 different entries which were a joy for us to see and read the explanations behind their designs. Entry was open for Papua New Guineans of all ages and those associated with the work of MAF in Papua New Guinea.
Our MAF PNG team, both nationals and expats, judged all the submitted designs anonymously and selected the one which best represents MAF PNG’s past and present.
The winning logo was submitted by Simon Wamo, a Mt Hagen resident. Congratulations!
As a reward, Mr Wamo’s winning 70th anniversary logo will soon become the temporary face of MAF PNG in 2021 – it will be flown around by our aircraft and seen in various other publications, nationwide and internationally.
The runner-up designs were submitted by Israel Kaupa (Gumine, Simbu), Michael Paul Kumo (Kerowagi, Simbu) and Joy Suarika (Goroka, Eastern Highlands) and Anna Rayner (United Kingdom). These top 5 will receive a MAF PNG anniversary prize later this year. Thanks again to all those who submitted a design.

It’s this time of the year again when MAF moves a lot of students!
Between the end of January and into the first two weeks of February, every Tuesday for 3 weeks our Wewak plane carried families and single men heading to attend the SSEC Highlands Region two years Bible and Character Development School Program, based at Aviamp, Popun in the Jiwaka Province (SSEC…South Sea Evangelical Church).
It’s a small Bible School, established by the German Liebenzell Missionaries Gerhard and Brigitte Stamm, and, after Gerhard’s sudden death in mid-2019, completely run by a team of three local Bible School teachers and pastors.
The Bible School is not aiming for high academic grades. The aim is to train pastors from and for rural placements on how to live a godly life as a family, how to understand, teach and preach Biblical truths, and how to lead a church.

Pictured here is the last group of 3 pastors and their families from along the Sepik Highway with Wewak based Liebenzell Missionary Manuel Feige who sent them off to the highlands.
Manuel said that these men were already pastoring a church in their villages, however, they’ve received no formal training – until now. They were all excited to arrive in Mt Hagen and warmly welcomed by the Aviamp Bible School families.

The weeks before, the Wewak plane brought in a young family and a single man from Ambunti as well as two other single men from Nungwaia to start this 2-years program.
Besides them, there are other attendants from Lake Kutubu and Simbu Province.

Small Bible schools like the one in Aviamp run by the SSEC are vital to the spiritual health of believers here in Papua New Guinea, especially in remote places. These people who later become pastors and Bible workers cannot afford to study at a formal Bible College and many do not have the academic background to do so either. These local education options allow them to have a garden and feed themselves, while at the same time applying themselves to a deeper study of God’s Word; they remain connected to local communities while they learn.” Such a tremendous benefit for Kingdom impact!

Flying to support the training of pastors is just one example of how MAF contributes to the spiritual transformation of communities.
Your contribution to flights for evangelism and church outreach is making lasting changes for good in the landscape of one of the most geopolitically complex nations in the world!