This was the flight pattern of our Wewak based plane last week on Wednesday, 15 July 2020.
What happened?

On 13th July, a 23-foot boat departed in calm seas from Wuvulu, bound for Wewak, with 6 adults aboard. When the boat didn’t arrive that evening, as was expected, an alert was raised. MAF was contacted the next day and asked for help to search for the boat. Pilots Wilfred Knigge and Andy Symmonds flew some tremendous search patterns. While they flew – the MAF PNG family prayed.
The pilots logged 5.9 flight hours that day flying a total of 663 Nautical Miles.

At the end of Day 2 (16 July), after another 6.2 flight hours covering 681 Nautical Miles, the search was called off.

Sea Search pattern Day 2

On Friday, 17 July, the MAF team at Mt. Hagen met for their daily morning Lotu and again at noon for our weekly prayer time. Our Prayer, “All is not lost, Lord, allow their boat to drift onto some land/island and not out to sea, so that these people may be saved.”

On Sunday the 19th, word was received, the boat had drifted ashore at Jayapura, and all on board were safe!
Imagine how our team was praising the Lord!!! Thank you, Lord, for answering prayer and for your protection of those who were lost!!

Below, the small red circle is the island where they left (Wuvulu) at 1 pm on Monday the 13th of July headed for Wewak (where the grey plane is located) Jayapura is were they drifted ashore on Sunday the 19th of July.