MAF International has set-up a Crisis Management Team (CMT) to address the implications of Covid-19 for our work and those we serve. Under the guidance of the CMT, each MAF programme is taking action to properly prepare for and address the implications of Covid-19 in their location. We anticipate that Covid-19 will have an impact on our operations in the weeks and months to come.
Current work is focusing on:
Establishing procedures to mitigate the possible transmission of Covid-19 by our flight operations.
Providing guidance and support for staff, minimizing the risk of Covid-19 in their service with MAF.
For as long as possible, with due regard for the risks presented to our beneficiaries and staff, maintaining flight operations to reach isolated people in need, to continue to bring help, hope and healing.
We are implementing measures in compliance with official government advice in each of the locations where we are working.
Please uphold in prayer our staff, flight operations and the isolated people we seek to serve during this difficult time