On June 15th a CASA Testing team tested our internet speed. We found out that our WIFI speed was better than the Ethernet cable’s speed because all of the four cables in the ATC rooms were connected to only a 5-port 10/100 Megabytes per second switch. Therefore it was decided that it would be better if the cables were connected to a Gigabyte switch.

Michael Gena, our IT Support Officer gives some more details:

I was then asked to change the old Category 5 cables to the newer Category 6 cables, as well as to replace the Megabyte switch with a Gigabyte switch so that it would provide more speed/bandwidth and accommodate more traffic loads.

I ran six sets of twenty five metre-long CAT6 network cables from our IT office to the ATC rooms, which required me going inside the hot ceiling. It was a couple of tough days for me as I had to crawl around on my knees all the way back and forth.

This job is expected to finish during the time Nigel Gorry (MAFI IT Systems Manager) is in PNG, as he brought the supplies I need. He will then do some configurations so that the ATC rooms will have better internet speed before Sept. 11th when the first electronic CASA exams will be launched.

MAF PNG Facebook followers gave us their captions for this picture of Michael Gena in the IT Office:


James M Kendall: Head in the clouds!

Tuges George: Now, where has that silly cable gone to?!

Siobhain Cole: Yes Doug, I will go and switch off Facebook access for all the HQ staff right away…

Ruth Mashiter: Did you switch it off and switch it on again?

Glenda Giles: Hi up there, Michael! Just borrowing the ladder for a few minutes. Hang in there. C ya soon!

Adam Pope: That’s not what uploading means Michael!

Doug Renouf: Rising to a new location!

Emma McGeorge: Searching for The Internet in faith that it actually exists…