Prayer Focus for this Month: Our Pilots

MAF PNG currently has 18 pilot families from eight different countries, flying three different types of planes (2 Twin Otters, 3 Cessna Caravans, 6 GA8 Airvans).

Glenys Watson from New Zealand and Tim Neufeld from Canada just arrived in the program. Please pray for both families as they settle into life in PNG and as they spend a few weeks doing language courses and cultural orientation, before settling into the cockpits. Initially both families will be based at Mt Hagen.

For Glenys this means to study and learn to fly the Twin Otter as a First Officer out of our MAF Base at Goroka. Tim is going to be trained to fly the Airvan and will serve mainly in the Western Province as the family moves to our remote MAF base at Rumginae.

From October 23rd until October 25th the annual pilot’s meeting is held in Mt Hagen. The workshops cover many topics such as legally required re-currency training; reviewing standard operating practices; discussing what can be learnt from various incidents and accidents; training for new technologies and equipment that is being introduced. The aim is to raise our standards even higher and make our flights even safer.

These few days are quite intense.

Please pray

  • for good attention, and the ability to process all the information
  • that our operational safety will be boosted
  • for spiritual, as well as technical interaction and networking