How long have you been with MAF PNG?  

Since 21st of October, 1996.

What brought you to MAF? 

When I was at High School in Vanimo, Pilot Lowell Deering’s wife Gail used to teach us CBC students in Religion Instruction. One day Lowell told us that he is a MAF pilot. For school holidays me and my parents flew on the MAF plane. Then the wish just came into my mind that one day I wanted to work in that airline company if that’s in God’s will. After high school I was unable to continue with my education. I had no work, but I was faithfully attending the church’s youth activities. About two and half years later, Kos Umion, who back then was the Vanimo Base Manager, came and told me during our youth night activity that he wanted to employ a female to work as a ticketing officer and asked if I was interested. Of course I was and sent in my application… Woo… that was my wish, and it’s where I am now.

What is your role? 

I am the Flight Programmer, which means I plan and monitor our flight program, so I have to manage flight booking information effectively to plan a realistic program. I try to communicate effectively with internal and external customers, striving for reliability of service.

What is your favourite part about this role? 

To plan and monitor the flight program, and to plan a realistic program.

What are the challenges?

Sometimes pilots are not happy with the programs that I put together for them to fly and that makes me second guess what am I planning…

Sometimes medevacs become a real challenge if for some reason we can’t help fast enough or if there is a delay in sending a plane to a certain airstrip; a person might lose their life, which makes me feel really sad.

Another challenge is education, health and subsidy passengers in remote places. I always give these requests priority in the schedule, but we have some pilots who are restricted due to their status of training and then airstrip penalties apply, so I can’t always help the request and people out there might need to find other ways to travel – that makes me feel like I am not helping them.

How does your job support MAF’s purpose and vision to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed into Christ’s name?

By programming the planes & pilots flying from point A to point B, thereby supporting MAF’s purpose.

How have you seen God at work in your role?

Weather problem yet pilots get through / MAF getting to remote airstrips or steep airstrips/ helping medevac’s and sick patients to Hospitals to get help. Personally I can say it is a big blessing for me to work in a mission Organisation; God is in control.