Ministry Outreach

The MAF Ministry Team was established in 2008 following many requests from partner churches for MAF’s input. A Ministry Team Coordinator was appointed and audio-visual and generator resources allocated.

The team goes out on invitation only and as capacity and flight programming allow, usually over a weekend. The ministry is one of sharing information, encouragement, evangelism, teaching, and training.

Who makes up the team?
The team can include any MAF staff member, both National and International, from the cleaner to the country director. Technical and communication skills are balanced in any one team, and there is always a rich variety of personal experience of God’s grace and work shared.

What types of gatherings are the team invited to?
They have included: church services; youth, women and other fellowship events; conventions; evangelistic crusades; annual pastor/leader conferences; peace processes; and prison ministry.

What would a programme look like?
Typically the physical set up would be a haus sel (tarpaulin shelter) with people sitting on dry grass covered ground, a small stage with a screen, projector and speakers, and some lights set up, driven by a petrol genset. Daytime meetings could include a mixture of local and MAF team testimonies and items followed by teaching or preaching. Workshops, facilitated discussion, activities and training sessions with particular focus could follow. Night time programmes include showing films like The Jesus Film and End of the Spear, and “unpacking” of meaning from them.
A biblically based HIV/AIDS awareness training sometimes included.

Since 2008, 149 events have reached about 35,000 people with 373 MAF staff involved.


  • Where ever we ministered we have seen and witnessed the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in bringing many to repentance and salvation, others brought back to following God having been involved in fighting or other lifestyles away from God’s ways, and many being anointed to take up specific ministries. Many have been greatly encouraged and strengthened in their relationship with God.
  • As much as we have ministered to many, we have been blessed spiritually and physically much more. Praise God’s Wonderful Name! Amen!

Are you interested to have the MAF Ministry Team come to your community or church?

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us today and send an email to our MAF Ministry Team Coordinator: [email protected]