Other Services

MAF is not just about flying to serve others. As an organisation we want to help our partners to overcome the barriers on the ground as well.
Using our experience and facilities we are also able to support our partners with logistical and technical services, so that they can focus on the things they are here to do: development work, medical work or preaching the gospel are just a few examples.

Technology Services

Partnering with MAF, CRMF (Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship) provides an HF radio network throughout PNG which typically forms the only communications link to the outside world for the most remote communities. CRMF also provides training and Biblical resources via radio and supplies MAF pilots with a Biblebox to carry with them.

Ministry Outreach

Pilots, Engineering, Operations, Local and Admin staff living and operating in the communities of Mt Hagen, Goroka, Wewak, Rumginae, Kawito and Madang support and participate in local Christian ministry in a variety of ways.

MAF PNG also runs a Ministry Team which regularly travels to remote churches to encourage the congregations there by running workshops, showing the Jesus film or other Christian movies as well as actively participating in the Sunday’s worship.