Airstrip surveys are continuing! Meanwhile, we have 87 airstrips re-opened!
However, we know that there are many airstrips not yet listed as open for MAF operations. Surveying more than 200 airstrips is quite a huge task that takes time. The gathered data by our RAA and MAF team then needs to be assessed for the involved risks and safety of our operations and/or guidelines/advice for more needed maintenance will have to be communicated with the community etc.
Our team will contact the MAF agent and advise the scope of work needed in the event that the airstrip isn’t safe for operations yet. But this might be a few weeks down the road. Please bear with us.
We’ll update the list in a few weeks’ time again.
Thank you for your cooperation and assistance to make our operation safer!

For flight inquiries and bookings, please contact our MAFCOM Team. The acronym stands for MAF Customer Service and Operations Centre, Mt. Hagen:
[email protected]
T +675 7373 9999 (This number does NOT receive text)

And here’s the list of open airstrips:
East Sepik (7): Ambunti, Malaumanda, Samban, Tamo, Wewak, Wuvulu, Yambaitok
Eastern Higlands (12): Aiyura, Ande, Aziana, Goroka, Guwasa, Marawaka, Owena, Simogu, Sindeni, Usarumpia, Wonenara, Wuyabo
Enga (5): Kairik, Kompiam, Maramuni, Pyarulama, Yenkisa
Gulf (2): Kerema, Wabo
Hela (2): Tari, Wanakipa
Jiwaka (2): Koinambe, Tsendiap
Madang (3): Madang, Simbai, Teptep
Morobe (7): Derim, Finschhafen, Gusap, Nadzap, Sapmanga, Wasu. Yalumet
NCD (1): Port Moresby
Sandaun (16): Edwaki, Eliptamin, Green River, Kwieftim, Lumi, Munbil, Nuku, Oksapmin, Sibilanga, Sisamin, Tadji, Tekin, Telefomin, Tumilbil, Vanimo, Yapsie
Simbu (3): Chimbu, Karimui, Manu
Southern Highlands (1): Muluma
Western Province (24): Aiambak, Balimo, Bensbach, Daru, Debepari, Dodomona, Fuma, Hesalibi, Kamusi, Kapal, Kawito, Kiunga, Lake Murray, Morehead, Mougulu, Nomad River, Rumginae, Sasereme, Suabi, Suki, Tabubil, Wawoi Falls, Weam, Wipim
Western Highlands (1): Mount Hagen