To our Friends, Communities, and Partners,

These are truly challenging days as together the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic. For MAF in PNG, these days have been further challenged by some recent operational events. We are currently evaluating all aspects of our operations and have chosen to ground our fleet while we do so. One of our greatest priorities is for the safety of those who daily, place their trust in MAF to provide life-saving critical air transportation to isolated communities.

We appreciate the fact that when we’re not flying, there are desperate needs that are going unmet. We are literally working around the clock with our MAFI family of experts to ensure that when our MAF planes return to flying they are doing so with the utmost standard of safety, excellence and professionalism.

We are praying and anticipating that when the current Government-imposed COVID-19 State of Emergency restrictions are lifted, MAF will be there supporting your communities, just as we have been for nearly 70 years in PNG.

May the Lord continue to bless and protect your families and communities,

Todd Aebischer
General Manager