We would like to inform our partners and customers about MAFs current status of operations and the progress since we shut down flying in Mar 2020 after our landing incidents. MAF has identified that the condition of airstrips was one of the contributing factors and as you are aware commenced fresh surveys of every airstrip based on ministry effectiveness and needs.

While the restrictions imposed on domestic travel by the Government due to the global pandemic did affect our operations, we have been engaged in health patrols to remote communities as a part of COVID response and have carried out more than 80 medevacs. Though the international travel restrictions are affecting our training and return of staff, we have been working diligently to be able to return to full-fledged operations in order to serve our remote communities.

The efforts of our ‘survey teams’ all through the year have resulted in us completing surveys of 136 of the 216 strips we regularly operate to. Planning and executing surveys need coordination between several agencies and we have been affected by the weather on several occasions. We are aware of nearly 80 strips and several new airstrips that still need to be surveyed and are consciously working towards the same.

Thank you for your patience as we have worked hard to ensure the safety of you, your families, and your valuable cargo.

As per the end of January 2021, we now have exactly 100 airstrips open. See the list below for details.
Please bear with us as we have to balance the need for more surveys, the training of our pilots and the ongoing high demand for service and medevac flights. MAF is still intent on our mission of reaching isolated communities while at the same time doing this in the safest manner possible!

Airstrips open for MAF operations as of 1 February 2021.
East Sepik (8): Ambunti, Malaumanda, Samban, Tamo, Wewak, Wuvulu, Yagiap, Yambaitok

Eastern Higlands (14): Aiyura, Ande, Aziana, Boikoa, Gema, Goroka, Guwasa, Marawaka, Owena, Simogu, Sindeni, Usarumpia, Wonenara, Wuyabo

Enga (5): Kairik, Kompiam, Maramuni, Pyarulama, Yenkisa

Gulf (3): Kerema, Kikori, Wabo

Hela (2): Tari, Wanakipa

Jiwaka (2): Koinambe, Tsendiap

Madang (4): Madang, Nankina, Simbai, Teptep

Morobe (7): Derim, Finschhafen, Gusap, Nadzap, Sapmanga, Wasu. Yalumet

NCD (1): Port Moresby

Sandaun (18): Angugnak, Buluwo, Edwaki, Eliptamin, Green River, Kwieftim, Lumi, Munbil, Nuku, Oksapmin, Sibilanga, Sisamin, Tadji, Tekin, Telefomin, Tumilbil, Vanimo, Yapsie

Simbu (3): Bomai, Chimbu, Karimui, Manu

Southern Highlands (1): Muluma

Western Province (29): Aiambak, Awaba, Balimo, Bensbach, Daru, Debepari, Dimissisi, Dodomona, Fuma, Hesalibi, Honinabi, Kamusi, Kapal, Kawito, Kiunga, Lake Murray, Morehead, Mougulu, Nomad River, Obo, Rumginae, Sasereme, Suabi, Suki, Tabubil, Tapila, Wawoi Falls, Weam, Wipim

Western Highlands (1): Mount Hagen

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Our vision at MAF PNG is to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name by sharing God’s love through aviation and technology.
MAF has operated in Papua New Guinea continuously since 1951, serving remote communities through aviation for 70 years. Using our Cessna Caravan, C208 aircraft we are able to overcome the physical barriers that prevent people in Papua New Guinea from having access to healthcare, education, safe water, and the Gospel, helping to bring physical and spiritual healing to the isolated people of this country. We serve the local communities, local church groups, missionaries, NGOs, development and relief agencies, and government departments who are working to change the lives of those living in remote areas.