The white board has gone! Where the white board was is now a large computer screen, bright and shiny. Next to it a small computer which runs v2track, Wingman and other computer apps. v2track tells our traffic officers precisely when a pilot is returning to Mt Hagen base for the next sector; hence how much time they have to prepare the next load manifest and when they have to go out on the tarmac and marshall the aircraft to the parking position.

But the major revolution is that all the bookings are now online, available via Wingman. Every time Matilda or Sharlene change a sector it will be automatically displayed on the big screen for everyone to take notice.

Even pilots will benefit from the big screen. When they do their flight planning, they enter their fuel requirements and available payload online via Wingman and it is displayed on the big screen for everyone to see. And it really does not matter if the pilot does this from the pilots’ room, another office at the HQ or from home.

Even notes like “Take freezer goods”, “Check fridge”, “Take veggies“ or “Don’t forget the mail“ are now easily entered from anyone on Wingman and displayed on the big screen.

But what do we do when the power fails? There is a standby UPS next to the computer running the big screen, bridging the time until the main generator comes on line.

But what if the internet fails or if there are other things not working as they should? There will be a small emergency white board next to the big screen, where notes can be left.

Now is this the bright and shiny future? Well, we shall see if the new high tech device withstands the daily challenges. However, it is definitely a step into the 21st century where digital is becoming more and more part of our daily life. And yes, it is definitely bright and shiny!

The photos show Sharlene Coker, our Flight Operations Coordinator, doing one-to-one training sessions with each traffic officer and making sure everyone understands and utilises this new technology to the full