Where are you from and where do you live now?
I am from Madang, which is in the coastal area, in the Momase region of PNG. But right now I’m living here in Mount Hagen, in the Western Highlands Province.

Would you mind telling me a little about your family?
My father is still alive but my mother died in 2015. There are nine children in the family and I am the second eldest. We have had three deaths and earlier this year one of my sisters passed away, so now we are left with five, I have two brothers and two sisters.
My wife is from Western Highlands. We have six sons and one daughter – she is the youngest. My firstborn son’s name is a combination of my name, Felix, and my wife’s name, Janet. So we call him Feljan. All my kids are in school except for the youngest.

When did you join MAF and how did God call you to join MAF?
I joined MAF and started working in February of 2018.
For five years I pastored a church I built in a remote area. After five years and seeing that my kids are growing big, I knew I had to come back to settle and prepare for my kids to go to university and for their school fees. After I came back from pastoral work, I prayed with my wife and kids that God would show me another mission field. I had the intention of working in a place with a Christian environment where I could continue serving the Lord.
After praying, I submitted my application to MAF. I know it was God calling me to join MAF then because I had applied two or three times before, but it hadn’t been God’s timing. When I came to follow up on my application I was told that my application was accepted and they would call me for an interview. I went back home praising God! I knew He was calling me into this mission field. I thank God for that.

How did you first hear about MAF?
My village is in a remote area, so MAF was the first plane we saw when I was a kid. There were no other planes; MAF was the only transportation in my area. Now, working with MAF is a blessing, and I’m really happy to be here with MAF.

What is your role with MAF?
After one year of working with MAF, they put me in the role of Senior Carpenter Foreman in our Property and Vehicle Maintenance (PVM) department here.
Until recently, David Moore was out and stuck in Australia, so I was playing a management role. Basically, we make sure all our properties throughout PNG are in good condition by seeing that the staff housing, solar power system, electricity, water supply and tanks, pumps, and hot water system are running properly and are in good condition. We also do all white goods repairs and replacements and make sure all MAF vehicle certifications, registrations and servicing are up-to-date. I distribute daily work, order and purchase materials, check all the generators in the compounds, headquarters, and all the bases, re-fuel, fix mechanical problems, and replacing parts.

What do you enjoy most about your job and what is most challenging?
Every day I enjoy my work because I know that God is giving me this day to fulfil His will. I have to do the things He wants me to do; make sure our staff are ok safety-wise, give the boys what they need to do, make sure they do everything I want them to do and report to Dave. So, it’s enjoyable every day.
It’s challenging when we are doing lots of emergency work, both at outstations and here in Mt. Hagen. When I get two or three calls and I need to attend to all of them it is challenging. Sometimes we can solve the problem at that moment, but if it is at an outstation I need to look for someone to go out there to do repairs. Or, if there is a problem with septic, I have to call someone to do a pump-out. So, it can be challenging.

What does MAF mean to you?
For me, it’s like a mission field. I’m always encouraging our boys in here in our devotion time that we don’t have to think of this job like we are only working for money. No, we are serving people. It’s a ministry – I’m serving God in this mission field.

How has Covid-19 affected you and your family?
I don’t have gardens – I just depend on finances for our food stuffs – so that’s a bit challenging in these Covid-19 times with pay cuts. I have many kids, so the money goes to food and things like that. It’s giving us a bit of a challenge to budget and figure out how we can have food on the table every day, clothes to wear, fuel in the car, money for bills, etc.

What is something others might not know about you?
Wherever I go, I try to let others know about what we – MAF – are doing as an organisation and what our role is and how we serve others.

Do you have a favourite food?
I think I would say rice because I have tooth problems and rice is becoming a favourite food for me!

Is there any advice you would give yourself at the start of your career?
To anyone who is starting with MAF, I would give the advice to be faithful and committed.
I am always advising my boys here in PVM that when we are working in an organisation like MAF, we have to let God give us direction and help us to work in the way God wants us to. I am always encouraging my boys that we have to be faithful in everything we do, even the little things. The Bible says that when we are faithful He will give us greater things to look after. We are not working only for money. No, we are serving people and, above all, God.