Calling all kids across Papua New Guinea!
Get your teachers, your parents, your pastors and Sunday School teachers, and your community leaders to help you!

This year is Mission Aviation Fellowship’s (MAF’s) 70th Birthday!
Please will you help us celebrate? We’d like you to draw a picture or make a sculpture or create a drama or a singsing which can be filmed, something, anything creative which tells us a little about MAF. About how MAF has helped your community or your family or about the MAF ‘balus’ flying or about what MAF means to you. Anything at all that is creative and shares a small part of MAF’s story and our 70th Birthday celebration with the world. Don’t forget to tell us your name(s), age(s) and the village where you are from, if possible, add a phone number.

If you live in a bush community that MAF flies to, the MAF pilot could help by delivering your drawing to our office, or taking a photo of your sculpture or filming your drama/singsing. Please ask your Agent to tell MAF that you would like the pilot to help you in this way, AT LEAST A WEEK BEFORE the day the MAF balus comes to you, so the pilot can plan more time on the ground with you.

There will be an essay competition for older kids later in the year, keep an eye out for details.

2021 marks 70 years that MAF has been serving the people of Papua New Guinea. Over the past 70 years, our fleet of aircraft has changed, but our reasons for being in PNG have stayed the same. We call these reasons our Vision & Values. We thank Papa God for watching over MAF and helping us to keep flying, even when we faced many hard and sad things.

MAF’s Vision: To see isolated people changed by the love of Christ.
MAF’s Mission: Serving together to bring help, hope and healing through aviation.

We would like to celebrate MAF PNG’s 70th Birthday with you, the children of PNG.
MAF is the lifeline for many remote communities, we help with medical evacuations, flying store goods, building materials, books and educational materials, students, teachers, pastors as well as many basic day-to-day needs. Many of the 212 airstrips and communities we serve throughout PNG have little or no other access to the outside world apart from an MAF aircraft. Sometimes there are bush paths to walk, or a river to canoe, but extreme weather, storms and floods, can make these journeys hard and dangerous. On the MAF aircraft the journey is much faster and safer, this can be a huge blessing when you need to get to the hospital quickly.

Competition entries must be received by the end of July 2021, to our communications department, preferable via email: [email protected] with the subject “MAF PNG 70 – Kids Competition”.

You’re welcome to also send us your entry through our MAF pilots if you live in a village we fly to, or just mail it to us via Post PNG:
Attn of Communications Department
P.O. Box 273
Mt Hagen, WHP 281

The winners will be announced on our social media and webpage

Also, if you have old photographs or other accounts capturing our 70 years of air service across Papua New Guinea, please send them our way.
Please keep watching for additional 70th-anniversary celebration announcements across PNG.