Our Partners

We serve local church groups, missionaries, NGO’s, development and relief agencies, and government departments who are working to change the lives of those living here. Using aircraft we are able to overcome the physical barriers that prevent people in Papua New Guinea from having access to healthcare, safe drinking water, education and the Gospel, helping to bring physical and spiritual healing to the isolated people of this nation.

Partnership Projects

MAF PNG is aware of the need for resource-rich groups to be able to connect their resources with the resource-poor rural church. We are therefore seeking to develop partnership projects where the transport of these resources or training programs can be more heavily subsidised by MAF.


„The MAF operations in Papua New Guinea provide much needed air transport to the most remotest parts of PNG serving valuable life’s of people and contributing significantly towards the development of this great nation. We totally depend on MAF for emergency and routine patient evacuations from rural areas like Mt Au, Kol, Ambulua, Tsendiap, Koinambe, Mamusi here in the Western Highland Province and the situation is the same in the other provinces all around Papua New Guinea.“

Philip K. Talpa, Deputy Director District Health Service Western Highlands