In 2019, our transition of MAF’s fleet in Papua New Guinea to a single type, the Cessna Caravan, C208, is bringing significant efficiency benefits in areas such as maintenance and fuelling procedures. We continue to work with partners to maximise our nine aircrafts’ capacity, as well as embracing more efficient fuel types and utilising the latest technology. The installation of a flight simulator at the Mount Hagen base is also reducing the amount of actual flying required to develop our pilots’ skills. In a situation where air transport is often the only solution to alleviate poverty and despair, these practices reflect MAF’s commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

Cessna 208 Caravan

  • Single-engined turbine aircraft
  • Carries 9 passengers/1000 kg supplies
  • Cruising speed 280kph

The Cessna Caravan is a highly reliable, versatile and efficient aircraft. With an excellent suite of workload reducing navigation equipment, the Caravan it is one of the few single-engine aircraft certified for passenger-carrying commercial air services under Instrument Flying Rules. We are still waiting for this approval in PNG.

The C208 Caravan can carry up to nine adult passengers with plenty of baggage stored neatly in an external cargo-pod on the underside of the aircraft. The Cessna Caravan can fly up to two hundred kilometers with a payload of one metric tonne. With reduced payloads, it can fly much further. MAF-PNG Caravans are equipped with enhanced short take-off and landing modifications as well as heavy duty landing gear for the short and rough airstrips of PNG. On longer routes, the Caravan’s single and efficient PWC PT-6 engine gives it the most cost-effective range vs. payload within the MAF-PNG fleet.

Michael Dupuis, Senior Pilot flying in PNG until late 2018