Imagine trying to use this crutch on wet cement or wet tiles – the rubber tip guard has worn through with use and the exposed metal slips easily on such surfaces.

This is a very dangerous situation for a woman that has had to lean on a crutch to walk since she was 3 years old and struck with Polio.

You can find Matilda at the MAF PNG Base in the Programmer’s office, but if she is not there, it means she has walked down the road to the Head Quarters building.  Using a crutch to walk does not slow this amazing woman down.

On Thursday morning, Todd noticed that her crutch was needing repair and asked her about it.  She said that she had tried to find new rubber end pieces and no one in Mount Hagen or Kagamuga carried them.  Returning to his office, Todd got on the phone to see if he could catch Volkher Jacobsen who was coming up from the Cairns office that day, but he was already at the airport.  The office told him that Nigel Gorry was headed to Goroka and just happened to still be in the office – just 90 minutes away from his flight time.  Nigel was then asked if he could possibly stop at a medical supply store on the way to the airport.  Nigel was instantly “on it” and shortly sent a message that he had them in hand!  A call was then made to the folks in Goroka asking them to get the rubber end pieces to the MAF Base so that they to go on the next plane back to Hagen.  But God had different plans!  In the airport Nigel spotted Volkher and handed the parts off.

After arrival in Mt. Hagen on the 4:20pm flight, Todd and Volkher were exiting the terminal when they saw Matilda walking down the street toward home.  Imagine her suprise when they called her over and replaced the end piece with a new one right along the road and gave her an extra one for when this one wore out.  God is so good – He loves us so very much to help with this kind of miracle of provision!

Todd came home exclaiming – “only God!!!”  “DHL and FedEx can’t even get aircraft parts here that fast!”
*** Matilda struggles with having had polio as a small child.  Both she and her brother contracted this debilitating disease.   She is very concerned about the current polio outbreak in the country.  Please take the steps necessary to make sure that you and your children, family and friends, receive the polio vaccination.