Wednesday afternoon at 2:30pm saw the entire MAF PNG operation grind to a halt. Planes came to rest, engineers put down their tools, admin staff switched off computers and ground crew gathered in their yellow jackets…

The occasion? The bi-annual MAF International Day of Prayer.

This is a unique and much-anticipated opportunity, which brings MAF staff together not only in PNG but around the world. As a global team, Mission Aviation Fellowship sets aside these prayer days to worship, fellowship and focus again on why we do what we do.

The theme for November was “His Perfect Peace”, and the Mount Hagen team came together to sing, speak, listen and pray as we meditated on this phrase and its implications for our work within the MAF vision and purpose.

What a privilege to gather as a multicultural team of believers, working and servingĀ for His glory in Papua New Guinea!

Watching the MAF promotional video

Preparing to split into prayer groups

Our Country Director shares a word of encouragement

Not even the heavy rain could drown out our enthusiasm!

Several spouses traveled from Hagen town to the Airport to join us

A quiet moment of shared reflection and prayer

Breaking off into smaller prayer groups

Fervent prayer

A giant prayer circle as we draw to a finish

Nawi shares about peace as presented in the Bible

Hudson, John and Merna led us in beautiful worship

Mary closes the event in open prayer and praise