Kylan Diprose of v2track visits MAF PNG Program

We were honoured to have Kylan Diprose visit the MAF PNG Program on Monday 6 January 2020, he and his brother Bevan Diprose founded v2track, the aircraft tracking system we use here in the MAF PNG Program as well as in other MAF Programs around the world.  Kylan and a cousin came through Mt. Hagen on their way to the village of Sibilanga for the Golden Jubilee, which is the 60th Anniversary of the first missionaries arriving there. Their grandparents, ­Neal and Margaret Windsor, were some of the first missionaries in that area of PNG, raising their children there as well.

Several years ago Kylan flew, periodically, for MAF in Arnhem Land, and there recognized the need for a way to track the airplanes. Being a computer programmer himself, he along with his brother developed the v2track system, which has now gone on to be used commercially as well as with Mission Aviators in over 30 countries worldwide.

For the MAF PNG Program, the environment we fly in can be very harsh with monsoonal wet seasons, dense jungles, high mountain ranges, and rapidly changing weather patterns.  Given the fact that HF radio communications are not always reliable, having a system that utilizes both satellite and cellular formats providing aircraft positional awareness and communication with the pilots is crucial.  Especially since weather and other factors can change at a moment’s notice and the need to communicate that to the pilot and back to the bases is imperative.

The v2track system allows that communication between the pilots and bases and allows our Operations team to always know where our aircraft are located, which assists us in coordinating the many medical evacuations we do each month.

We are thankful for the vision and efforts of Kylan and his brother Bevan and appreciate his visit.