It’s this time of the year again when MAF moves a lot of students!
Between the end of January and into the first two weeks of February, every Tuesday for 3 weeks our Wewak plane carried families and single men heading to attend the SSEC Highlands Region two years Bible and Character Development School Program, based at Aviamp, Popun in the Jiwaka Province (SSEC…South Sea Evangelical Church).
It’s a small Bible School, established by the German Liebenzell Missionaries Gerhard and Brigitte Stamm, and, after Gerhard’s sudden death in mid-2019, completely run by a team of three local Bible School teachers and pastors.
The Bible School is not aiming for high academic grades. The aim is to train pastors from and for rural placements on how to live a godly life as a family, how to understand, teach and preach Biblical truths, and how to lead a church.

Pictured here is the last group of 3 pastors and their families from along the Sepik Highway with Wewak based Liebenzell Missionary Manuel Feige who sent them off to the highlands.
Manuel said that these men were already pastoring a church in their villages, however, they’ve received no formal training – until now. They were all excited to arrive in Mt Hagen and warmly welcomed by the Aviamp Bible School families.

The weeks before, the Wewak plane brought in a young family and a single man from Ambunti as well as two other single men from Nungwaia to start this 2-years program.
Besides them, there are other attendants from Lake Kutubu and Simbu Province.

Small Bible schools like the one in Aviamp run by the SSEC are vital to the spiritual health of believers here in Papua New Guinea, especially in remote places. These people who later become pastors and Bible workers cannot afford to study at a formal Bible College and many do not have the academic background to do so either. These local education options allow them to have a garden and feed themselves, while at the same time applying themselves to a deeper study of God’s Word; they remain connected to local communities while they learn.” Such a tremendous benefit for Kingdom impact!

Flying to support the training of pastors is just one example of how MAF contributes to the spiritual transformation of communities.
Your contribution to flights for evangelism and church outreach is making lasting changes for good in the landscape of one of the most geopolitically complex nations in the world!