It’s important to have exercise books, pens, and rulers as a student, but dedicated teachers and a good learning environment are needed even more.
Recently, our Goroka based aircraft shifted about 3 tonnes of school material out to remote locations from where it needs to be carried to the respective schools. Upon return, the MAF Caravan was fully loaded with fresh peanuts to sell at the market.

MAF aircraft regularly transport building supplies so communities can invest in the infrastructure of their local school. Building a high school in a remote but central location is so important for the upbringing of the next generation. It can be a struggle for young students to grow up in a remote area and then leave village life behind either for boarding school or to stay with relatives for the whole school year, with minimal means of communication. School fees and logistics are major challenges faced by families who send their children off to school.
Establishing a local high school is a worthwhile investment as it allows children to at least finish grades 9 and 10 and grow more mature before flying out to the “big cities” to complete grades 11 and 12. MAF is more than happy to help with this!

These remote high schools are often boarding schools. That also means, that there’s an extra need for food in the village. Our Wewak aircraft recently flew 600-kilograms of rice to a remote village in Sandaun Province. The school is located in such an isolated place in the mountains that no roads lead there. Fortunately, the school is located in a very fertile village where there are lots of kaukau (sweet potatoes) and greens growing. To feed the 300 students there, who are all full-time boarders, the school needs about one and a half tonnes of kaukau and a large supply of greens each week. That is a lot of food for the school itself or the local subsistence community to produce weekly.

On another flight, the aircraft delivered 120kg of flour. A teacher at the school wrote: “It was getting hard to find enough kaukau. Flour means we can bake buns for breakfast and rice takes the pressure off the amount of kaukau needed. Other schools have closed due to a lack of food for similar reasons. So it was great that MAF could help us today.”
Recently, 40 students at a remote High school in Western Province became proud owners of their personal Bible.

Next time we’ll take more Bibles as not everyone received theirs yet…
The Bible Box our pilots frequently carry on board is often people’s only way to access and purchase God’s Word. There’s no local bookstore, nor are online orders available. Thanks to overseas donors and the supply chain via CRMF, people in remote areas not only have the chance to get their personal Bible but also can purchase them at a highly subsidised price.