The Swiss pilot couple, Joël and Andrea Rominger, spent one week at Wewak for Joël to observe flying operations in the Sepik Provinces. Here, Andrea shares her experience of her flight back to Mt Hagen:

On Tuesday, 28 May 2019, I thought we would be flying back from Wewak smoothly with one stop at Maramuni only. But it all came different…

Inflight, pilot Mathias Glass received a message about two medevac patients he would have to pick up on the way. Fuel was being calculated and Mathias decided that it was possible to do the medevac. Landing in Maramuni, we picked up one sick child and his father. Instead of continuing to Mt Hagen, we were now heading to Kol where two sick women needed to be medevac’d.

The story of one of them left me speechless: Her husband told me, that she gave birth to their baby two weeks… wait, three weeks ago. Her placenta hasn’t come out yet and that is why she can’t barely walk. I thought I heard wrong! This woman is definitely a strong person! We took her on board and with the other patient and their caregivers, all seats were occupied. And off we went with that full load to Mt Hagen.

Arriving at Mt Hagen, our MAF staff got a trolley to get her to the gate. Our ground staff already called for an ambulance to take the patients to the hospital, however, it was busy somewhere in Mt Hagen. I was shivering and getting stressed when I realised there was none available to take her to the hospital, considering her circumstances. We had to get her to the hospital as soon as possible! She shouldn’t even have to wait for three long weeks! My husband, Joël, got permission to take one of our MAF vehicles and drove her, her husband and the baby, as well as a family friend to Kudjip Hospital. In a desperate situation like this one, we don’t want to lose time!

The doctor at Kudjip confirmed that every minute counted for this women. Considering the time of birth and the retained placenta this was life-threatening for her.
Please pray with us that she will recover well from the surgery so that she can see her baby grow up.

UPDATE: 3 June 2019
On Sunday, we visited the woman at the Kudjip hospital, where Joël dropped them off. She looked much better than on Tuesday. The doctors had done surgery on her. Actually, she did not have a retained placenta, however, her uterus was full of puss. So when the surgeons opened her womb, they realised what was happening and removed the bits of the puss which they were able to without destroying her uterus. She did look better, however, she was still only able to walk with help.
We hope she will be recovering well.