Hannah, how old are you?

Can you tell me where you call home?
Well, I call home Canada, but I also call it Goroka…but pretty much Canada. It depends on what type of home.

Can you tell me a little bit about your family?
I have no sisters and I have only one brother and my mom and dad and all my cousins and my grandparents and my aunts and uncles. But no great grandparents.

What is life like for you in Goroka?
Before we left*, we would get up early, eat breakfast, get to the bus stop, go get in the bus, and go to school for the day. Then, when we get home, we have a snack and do homework, play until dinner, and then go to bed. I like school. I get to sit next to my friends and we do fun activities sometimes.

Could you tell me a little bit about how Canada is different than living in Goroka?
First of all, in Goroka you can always tell that it’s not going to snow. But in Canada, unless the radio says, “it’s going to snow”, you don’t know when it’s going to snow because it could snow in the middle of summer or whenever. In PNG there’s no snow unless there’s a mountain somewhere with snow on top of it. I miss the snow sometimes. Also, in Canada we have family and I have a lot of favourite places.

What is something you like about PNG?
Everything. Like MAF and my friends and the compound. I like living on the compound because there is a fence and I feel safer.

What is your favourite thing to do?
I have a couple games I like to play. One is house with my best friend. We play it in my room and me and Lucy pretend to be an older sister or a mom of my dolls (I have a lot of toys). We make a big mess of my room! I also like playing marbles.

Can you tell me what your parents do for MAF?
I know my dad flies for MAF as a pilot. And my mum is…I think she is one of the people on the compound who sends out emails and stuff.

*This interview was done while Hannah and her family got stuck in Australia when the pandemic hit and the borders to return to PNG after what was planned as a short family holiday…