It’s been so great to be out and about flying this week, as we started to survey airstrips in the Goroka area,” shares Glenys Watson. “Some communities met us with dancing and crying – so happy to have seen a plane land after more than two months without. At the same time, I’ve heard stories of health clinics which have run out of medicines, stores closed as they are empty of all food and hygiene basics (soap, salt, rice, oil), schools running out of supplies, mobile communications out as there has been no fuel delivered, and a woman has waited two months to see a doctor for needed post-birth healthcare. And these are just some of the stories…”

“We’ve visited 10 airstrips in the Eastern Highlands, Chimbu and Gulf Provinces. this week to survey, as well as take out one medevac to Goroka. The team included two from RAA (surveyor and community liaison), CRMF technician, and three pilots to fly/survey, Arjan Paas, Sebastian Kurz and myself.”