Important Flight Information

Chartering a plane

All our aircraft are available to charter. Chartering an aircraft allows you to choose the date you would prefer to travel on, instead of waiting for our scheduled flight day.  If you are travelling on a fairly rigid itinerary, chartering the aircraft is the best way to guarantee your travel dates, however, you should always make back-up plans as weather regularly causes delays.

You may request that the pilot(s) and aircraft stay with you at a specific airstrip for several hours, or even overnight.  These special arrangements are dependent upon the availability of the aircraft & crew and may incur an additional fee, depending on how the rest of the flying programme is affected.  For overnight stays, you will be responsible for providing food and suitable accommodation for the pilots.

To Charter an aircraft, contact your local MAF-PNG office.

Booking a seat

Would you like to fly with us but you just need one or two seats or around 100Kg of cargo and don’t want to charter the whole aircraft?

We fly semi-regular flights to most parts of mainland PNG, except Central, Oro & Milne Bay Provinces.

If you are flexible with your travel plans please contact us, we can then inform you of flights that become available to your destination on a seat fare. Service on these flights may be interrupted, if a medical evacuation is required or other operational concerns.

If having your flight delayed is not a problem, then booking a seat fare is a cheaper option. It does require more flexibility than a charter. On our service flights you may also book freight to travel.  It will go as space is available on a flight going to the destination you require.

To book seat fares, please contact your local MAF-PNG office.

Before you Fly!

Terms and Conditions:


  • MAF is a not for profit organisation, which means we do not make money from flying our aircraft. Overseas Churches, organisations and individuals donate money to assist MAF to provide an air service to the remote parts of PNG.
  • We have set the normal rate we charge our customers at a level which only covers the costs MAF has to pay to run an air transport service; fuel, aircraft repairs, wages etc.
  • From overseas donations, MAF has set aside money into a Subsidy Fund which allows us to offer a discount to make it more affordable for our Church and Mission customers to use MAF aircraft. This is called our Church and Mission Rate. This means we charge you less than the normal rate and MAF pays the difference from the Subsidy Fund.
  • To apply for a Subsidy Discount, your organisation must first be on the MAF-PNG list of approved Subsidy Organisations. If you would like your organisation to be added to this list, please download the document Application for MAF Subsidy Approval, fill it out as fully as possible and email it to [email protected]
  • To request a Subsidy discount on a flight, please download the document MAF Flight Request and Subsidy Application Form and email it to [email protected], a MINIMUM of 4 weeks prior to your requested flight date.

Weight Restrictions:

  • Our aircraft are weight restricted. Depending on the length of the journey and destination the weight allowance varies. Maximum weight allowances are:

GA8 Airvan = 4-6 seats max. 440Kg,

C208 Caravan = 9 seats max 1100Kg,

DHC6 Twin Otter = 19 seats max 1500Kg.

  • When traveling on seat fares, each passenger is entitled to up to 16Kg of checked baggage and one small piece of hand baggage up to 4kg.
  • When you receive a charter quote it will tell you the maximum allowed payload or weight for the planned flight. This weight allowance includes each passenger’s body weight, checked baggage, hand baggage, cameras and purses etc.
  • All items and people will be weighed on arrival, if your total weight exceeds the weight allowance provided to you then, unfortunately, we will ask you to leave some baggage or cargo behind.

 Safety and Weather:

  • Safety is our paramount concern and all flights are conducted weather permitting.
  • If your flight is cancelled due to weather, pilot unavailability, or maintenance issues, you will have the choice of accepting a refund or rescheduling on the next available flight.
  • Incidental expenses incurred due to weather delays or cancellations are the full responsibility of the passenger. These include but are not limited to meals, overnight accommodation expenses and passenger-arranged alternate transportation.

Dangerous Goods:

  • Dangerous Goods can only be carried under certain regulations and must be correctly packaged. Please contact us if you wish to transport dangerous goods.
  • Unless properly packaged and pre-arranged with, us please ensure there are no dangerous goods within your luggage. These include, but are not restricted to, flammable or compressed gases, flammable liquids, poisonous and toxic substances, corrosives, explosives, infectious substances and dry ice.

Cancellation Policy: