Seeing a trolley full of boxes addressed to the Christian Union Mission in Mt Hagen, our Communications Officer, Mandy Glass, wanted to know more about the content and purpose of the boxes one of our aircraft just flew in from Goroka. She contacted the mission and heard back from Scott Hardaway.
Scott and his family arrived in PNG earlier this year from the United States and are now residing on the Christian Union Bible College campus outside of Mt Hagen where Scott is teaching and mentoring national pastors while his wife Noel is homeschooling their two children and is also helping to establish a primary school to serve the children of the Bible College students.
Below, Scott shares about his ministry and the blessings of these books he recently received through MAF.

Our Bible college fills an important role in training PNG national pastors. Increasingly, schools are moving away from Tok Pisin in favor of English instruction, and we have had a number of churches and denominations tell us, “Please don’t ever stop providing Tok Pisin instruction because there are so many in our communities who do not speak English but have a burden to be trained for ministry.” Consequently, our enrollment has been rising in recent years, as we draw students from all over PNG.

But one of the problems that we often run into is that solid Biblical teaching materials are increasingly hard to find in Tok Pisin. Many of the materials we’ve used in the past simply are no longer being printed. We reached out to New Tribes Mission and discovered that they are actually fighting against the trend toward all-English materials and are working to produce and publish more books in Tok Pisin for those ministry workers in PNG who don’t read English.

We ordered 50 copies of the Planim Pos material, which is going to serve as our new Old Testament and New Testament survey courses, as well as a few copies of other books in Tok Pisin.
We’ll be evaluating those other books to see if we can use them in other courses we teach, or possibly even the establishment of new course offerings. And we’ll be putting at least one copy of each book in our school library, so that they’ll be available for students to use for research and writing projects, as well as their own reading and edification.

We’re so grateful to MAF for transporting these important training materials free of charge. Eliminating the cost of transport was a major factor in us being able to purchase these books, which I am confident will be an enormous asset to our school and our students, as they prepare for the ministry work God has called them to.

Translation of student’s testimony
Wok Ministry 15

This study helped me to realise that I can’t just only listen to God’s word with no consequences. I need to listen and obey God’s Word and also share it with other Christians. To hear and obey and to help other Christians will help me to become a stronger Christian. I really want to be changed that way and therefore I need to follow Christ’s example and share his good news with the world around me. When I think about the huge price and what Jesus did for me to redeem my sins and to save me that makes me want to follow his example. When I read this Book “Yu kam bihainim mi,” I really got changed. Before, I just said I am a Christian, but I didn’t really listen to his word and just practised a few things but didn’t really obey his words. Since I am at CUBC a lot has changed in my life. The Holy Spirit, God’s strength himself, came into my life. Prayer is now a huge part of my life.