When pilot Corné Noordhoek started his flying on Thursday morning (1 April 2021), he had no idea of the impact that his full day would have. At mid-day, he was called and told of a medical evacuation that was needed out of Yambaitok. The Yambaitok based ethnos360 (NTM) missionary was reporting a man in his mid-20s that was very sick and they didn’t know what to do. Corné returned to Mt. Hagen, re-configured the plane, and headed to pick up the patient. Upon arrival at Yambaitok, the young man was loaded into the plane and then Corné departed for Yenkisa, to pick up Dr. David Mills (who MAF had dropped off the day before so that Dr. Mills and his medical team could conduct a remote medical clinic as part of our Kompiam Aerial Health Patrols).
It should be mentioned here that while Dr. Mills and his team were in Yenkisa for their Aerial Health Patrol, they saw 63 medical patients, 32 dental patients and had an evening showing of the Jesus Film – all in just 24 hours!!! – That’s living life to the full!!
Corné, Dr. Mills, the medical team, and the patient departed Yenkisa for Kompiam, the site of Kompiam District Hospital.
Dr. Mills later relayed the following. “This young man was really, really sick! He had a strangulated hernia . His bowel was completely obstructed and if MAF hadn’t got him out when they did, he would have died a horribly agonizing death! I have to say – we are so very thankful for MAF. This wasn’t a case where this man had days, it was truly a case of hours!”
Such an incredible reminder of the Reality of the Resurrection!
We are here to be Christ’s ambassadors of hope, healing, care, compassion, and the message of the Cross!! Abundant Life!
Thank you to each of you, from every part of the ministry who together help to bring the Reality of the Resurrection to the remote communities of PNG! From those in offices around the world, to those in engineering, on the ramp, raising funds, telling the stories, maintaining the records and on and on.
Together as one united team, we are living life to the full and taking the message of the Cross to those in need!