On Saturday, Lois Semanision and Mandy Glass visited the earthquake victims in Mt Hagen hospital who were medevac‘d from Huya and Bosavi by Pilot Steven Eatwell on Thursday. They met with Anita, one of the emergency nurses who was on duty when the patients were first bought in to the emergency ward on Thursday. She took us to see them again.

They were greeted with big smiles by the patients. This was so touching and a huge relief after seeing them in total shock two days before.

Considering their experiences, all are doing well and are receiving good care from the hospital staff. Praise the Lord that no one had broken bones. Please continue to pray for their full recovery, body, mind and spirit. It was also encouraging to see wantoks (relatives or people from the same tribal language) from Bosavi come to visit them.

Aube with her two children are looked after by a woman from Goroka who came along as a care-giver. Lois thanking the nurse and the hospital team for taking good care of these people.


Lois and Mandy prayed with each of them and gave them a few more things (clothes and toiletries). Lois had prepared each a bag of yeast rolls and pieces of chocolate cake. For the little boy she gave a Jesus colouring book and colouring pencils. His eye was clean and open and we took the smile on his face as a thank-you for the little present. What a difference to what it looked two days ago!

On Thursday his mother, who was in total trauma and shock, greeted us with a lovely smile! Wow! What a beautiful woman!

Aube still isn’t talking and a lady from Goroka (who is married into the Huya area was sent as a care giver) to look after them. She also appreciated being given a little care bag with some clothes and toiletries.

Nagei, the woman who was carried from the landslide which buried all of her family, is also doing well and was happy to see Mandy again. No broken bones, she couldn’t believe it! But still badly swollen legs and back with major abrasions, causing her pain. She is slowly starting to speak again. We’ve heard her saying something in her Tok Ples (tribal language) when some wantoks showed up shortly after we prayed with her. This was also such a relief to see people from Bosavi area arriving and checking on these earthquake victims. A Bosavi man who is married to a lady from Mt Hagen came along with a small group.


Nagei being able to sit on her bed


Nagei isn’t pregnant as was first thought as was told when the medevac request came in. However, she lost her fairly newborn baby in the landslide when running away from the scene.

Bison is also doing much better

Bison, another man from Bosavi, whose house crashed over him still has pain when breathing but otherwise is also doing fine. The two men are sons of a pastor and Lois encouraged them that when they go back to their village to be a testimony and encouragement to their people, looking after them spiritually and assuring them God is still there and loving them even in all this tragedy.


Story and photos Mandy Glass