It’s the local communities! In 2017, our MAF aircraft landed on 217 different airstrips across the mainland of Papua New Guinea, which is more airstrips than airlines like Qantas or Lufthansa land at. It is not an easy task to keep the little bush airstrips in operational condition to comply with the high MAF standards […]

Delivering Aid and Repatriating Patients into the Earthquake-stricken Area Story Mandy Glass. Photos Glenys Watson (GW), Jonny Watson (JW), Jason Marsh (JM), Markus Bischoff (MB), Sally Lloyd (SL), Mandy Glass (MG) “This week I’ve been busy flying over 8500Kgs of relief goods to those communities affected by the earthquake, including rice, tinned fish, water, nails, […]

Thursday, 22 February, Queen’s Park in Mt Hagen was very busy as many local churches gathered together to donate goods for those affected by the earthquakes. There were cabbages, sweet potatoes, clothes, blankets and cash donations all from their local congregations. Siobhain Coles, a member of the MAF PNG Disaster Relief Team, witnessed the event: […]

United Efforts to get Relief Supplies flown out Activity has been high at MAF’s Headquarters in Mount Hagen, following the 7.6 earthquake of 26 February. MAF Disaster Response personnel are programming flights while base staff are loading aircraft and dispatching them with the much-needed relief goods. The supplies are being delivered to the earthquake-stricken communities […]