This was the flight pattern of our Wewak based plane last week on Wednesday, 15 July 2020. What happened? On 13th July, a 23-foot boat departed in calm seas from Wuvulu, bound for Wewak, with 6 adults aboard. When the boat didn’t arrive that evening, as was expected, an alert was raised. MAF was contacted […]

MAF relief pilot Rick Velvin shares another encounter where God used him to be a catalyst giving PNG women a voice and have their ideas heard – just as he was waiting on the ground for the people who chartered the aircraft doing their job.    The meeting was being held in the church at […]

On Thursday, the 23rd of May, the Twin Otter P2-MFT did a charter flight from Mt Hagen to Mougulu to transport a sawmill and food care packages to the community there. Also on board were Mandy Glass, MAF PNG’s Communications Officer and Laura Meeks, daughter of our Engineering Manager. Part 1 of this story was […]