Rick and Hudson Higlett came to MAF in April 2017, with Rick as our new Info Tech Manager, and Hudson as his educator wife. They lived in Darwin for 37 years after they were married in Port Moresby, PNG during Rick’s term of employment with CAA (now CASA) in Finance. As new candidates with MAF-PNG, they underwent a ‘refresher’ in Tok Pisin language, and were sent out to a village situation at Tekin, to be immersed in village culture, customs and language.

“As a continuation of our Cultural Orientation, after our week in Tekin, we flew on to Telefomin. Here we wanted to catch up with Jonah Dikensep’s family (whom we came to know through MAF and from the local church at Kagamuga), and we happened to meet them on our walk in Telefomin on Saturday afternoon. We arranged to join them in worship at their church on Sunday morning.

So on Sunday morning we walked past three Baptist churches to the Angkem Baptist Sios (church) and were so glad that we did. We were able to share our journey with them and listen to Pastor Noreen Warap urge us to put away idols of tradition and turn to Jesus with our whole heart.

Then we were introduced to Pastor Kufanok Afugim and his wife, Faniap. They have a ministry with 23 Border Baptist churches that they founded in the Tumolbil Region along the border of Papua, Indonesia. This news quickened our hearts because we were excited to meet pastors who have their ministry in Indonesian Papua. (There is serious concern in Darwin for the Melanesian Peoples of Papua and the atrocities being committed by authorities against them). So we invited them to call in and tell us more of their ministry.

Ps.Kufanok Afugim & his wife, Faniap

They came to visit us on Monday afternoon and we were greatly encouraged by the work they are doing. They were due to fly out to Tumolbil on the border to begin their trek through the region sharing the Gospel at the churches and villages along the way. But because of the pilot’s illness their flight was delayed until Saturday: the day we were leaving Telefomin, so we were able to send them off with our blessing as we waited for our aircraft.

Ps.Kufanok & wife, Faniap await their flight

God graciously gave us a burden to help equip their ministry, so through CRMF (a ministry of MAFI) we ordered some Tok Pisin Bibles and resources for their next ministry trek. Unfortunately, we were unable to get Bibles or New Testaments for them in the Ketengban language of the Kupel people.

Rick gets the Bibles weighed in at Hagen

The Bibles arrived a few weeks after our return to Mt Hagen and we needed to forward them on to Telefomin as soon as we could. Our first opportunity came on 10th June when we borrowed the compound vehicle, used for weekly shopping. So we loaded the cartons and went to the Base to see if anyone would receive cargo that day. God surprised us. The timing was perfect!!!


Rick gets the Bibles weighed in at Hagen

We spoke with the pilots there and were told that there was space available on the flight to Telefomin leaving shortly. The journey of these resources has begun…

From Telefomin the Bibles need to go to Tumolbil near the border and be carried over the mountains on the pastoral visit of Pastor Kufanok and Faniap. They then need to be shared and heard. To sow the seed of Faith the Holy Spirit needs to go before to prepare the soil and open eyes and hearts to receive the message and convict sinners of their need for Christ.

Pray that,

  • His Word will not return empty but will accomplish all that God intended for the Indonesian soldiers along the PNG border,
  • for the unreached peoples in Atulajip and Angavip and that God would not withhold any blessing to this ministry;
  • provide joys in the witness of His great power to save; strength in the struggles and hardships they face;
  • and that the power of the Gospel brings light where there is darkness,
  • and will bring glory to God.”