Recently I was walking through the Base and saw pilots Michael Dupuis and Steve Eatwell. They were discussing the incredible week that they had. Steve summed it up for me this way:

“On Wednesday (17-Jan) we loaded up P2-MAF (C208) for our day’s flights. We filled up the Bible Box and we even had extra Bibles in the rear of the cargo pod.

After stopping at the Wanikipa and Hewa Airstrips we were completely out of our written Bibles as well as the Audio Bibles! Those meeting us at the plane also took a number of SD cards that are filled with all sorts of gospel material.

The two tribes that make up the Hewa community are known for being aggressive. Flying in and out can be challenging as we usually need to be cautious and be sure to take an equal number of passengers on the plane from each tribe so that there is a “balance of power.” Ethnos360 Missionary and Author Jonathan Kopf described this community in his book entitled “Canopy of Darkness.” His family served in this community but ended up having to leave because of ongoing threats of violence.

On Wednesday – the atmosphere was much different! The people were friendly, seriously full of fun! They bought a large portion of the Bibles and asked us to bring more on the next flight!”

This is the reason why we are here! It’s why we do what we do! To see a spiritual transformation in the lives of the people of PNG!

biblebox Story by Todd Aebischer, Country Director MAF PNG

Photos by Michael Dupuis