Seeing a trolley full of boxes addressed to the Christian Union Mission in Mt Hagen, our Communications Officer, Mandy Glass, wanted to know more about the content and purpose of the boxes one of our aircraft just flew in from Goroka. She contacted the mission and heard back from Scott Hardaway. Scott and his family […]

Re-opening Miyanmin Airstrip In order to serve the people of PNG safely, we regularly review the condition of the airstrips that we fly to. Most of the airstrips that we use have been built by the local communities by hand, in most cases using only shovels and wheelbarrows. Sometimes not even wheelbarrows. The village of […]

Strategic Partnerships to Provide Better Health Care for Remote Communities Story by Mandy Glass. Photos by Dr Rebecca Williams, Dr Simon Ganal PART 3: Two flights, two different locations, two boys, two medical emergencies A boy with severe fractures Do you remember the recent report about the Malaumanda Health Patrol? After the weekend, our MAF […]