Micha Lucht is a young, enthusiastic German with a passion for Jesus. In 2019, he spent quite a bit of time in Papua New Guinea. Earlier in the year, he came for ten weeks as part of an outreach programme of the Discipleship Training School he attended at Queenstown, New Zealand. In June, he came for a longer mission: to teach the Discipleship Bible School himself to young Papua New Guineans enrolled at Camp Kalina, situated on the outskirts of Mt Hagen, one of more than 1000 YWAM locations across 180 countries.
Here, he shares about his experience in the Highlands of PNG:

YWAM is short for Youth With A Mission, which is a non-denominational mission organisation that aims to bring mainly young people closer to God and equips them to go out into the world to share the good news about Jesus Christ. YWAM offers many different training schools, each with a different focus or outcome but all for the same reason – to get to know God better and to make Him known.
Camp Kalina offers a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in the first half of the year and a Discipleship Bible School (DBS) in the second half of the year. The twelve-week Bible school, which I was part of as a staff member, brings the students closer to God by reading through the entire Bible. We began with Genesis and finished with Revelation. By the end of the course, every student had not only read the Bible completely but had also heard daily teaching about the 66 books of the Bible.

My training school finished on the 27th of September. As a group of three students and three staff, we decided to plan a two-week outreach phase with the purpose of sharing the gospel with the people in the remote Highlands of PNG. After a long time of prayer, we felt that God was putting the area of Kopiago on our hearts. We began to make contact with MAF because the road to Kopiago is not really safe to travel. Also, we intended to save time by flying there.
MAF told us that the airstrip in Kopiago was not operational at present. We prayed again, and God put the place “Agali” on our hearts, which is about 40 km away from Kopiago, but without any road connection. Later we were told that Kopiago-Agali is at least a three-day hike.

MAF was able to give us a huge discount on the tickets, which made it financially possible for us to go. Thank you so much for that! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have any stories to tell about the great work that God did through us in Agali.
Because of the discount, we were also able to take a lot of small items for the community of Agali, such as Bibles, paper, pencils, a guitar, balls and a few small things for a Sunday school.

The YWAM team excited to take off for their outreach trip to Agali. Micha Lucht is pictured in the middle.

We were a culturally mixed team, which was a great testimony to God’s unity within us for the people. Our team consisted of two locals from Mt. Hagen, two Germans, one Swiss, one from the USA and someone from Brazil. We boarded the MAF Cessna 208 aircraft on 3rd October bound for Agali, one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been to. Now I know why our two pilots Mathias and Jan-Ivar referred to the area around Agali as “Hobbit Land”.

Flying over “Hobbit Land” – Thankful for being in an aircraft and not having to hike…

Landed at Agali, all luggage unloaded and the aircraft about ready to leave the team behind (ML)

After the plane left us in Agali, we tried to find a place for the team to stay. This turned out to be a bit of a challenge at first because the village had no knowledge about our coming. There must have been a communications gap somewhere. Thankfully one the pastors let us stay in his house, a former mission house built by an American missionary over 30 years ago. That missionary left Agali some 15 years ago and not only left behind a beautiful house, but also a community with a good foundation on God. This legacy was definitely a key to the success of our two-week trip!

After three days of figuring out what the community needed and also a lot of confusion, at least for the village, we were able to begin our ministry.
For the first few days, we began with simple fellowship to get to know the people and for the people to get to know us. The children also began to lose their fear of the “whities”.

Children proudly posing with one of their drawings

But our vision wasn’t just to preach the word of God. Our goal was to teach the people God’s love, based on biblical truth, and to plant a seed of love and hunger for God in the people’s hearts that will grow and spread into the whole area and in the people without any kind of bias, just the truth of the Bible.
So, we began our “real ministry” and split the team in half so we could have two audiences: adults and children. One team taught the foundation of the Old Testament for two days, followed by a one-day teaching of the New Testament and on the final day focused “just” on the change that Jesus brought to us by fulfilling the law of the Old Testament through his death and resurrection. Every day was focused on God’s unconditional love for the people and for every one of us.
The other half of our team did the same teaching pattern for all the children but in a very simple way. The team began with creation and went over a few important events of the Old Testament. At the end, they had a big Jesus party, with balloons and music.

Preparing the black board for the following day’s teaching through Old Testament stories for the adults

The ministry went very well! After the four days of intense teaching and exhausting children’s ministry, we continued with times of fellowship and set out for a few house visits. We prayed with villagers, showed God’s love to them and encouraged the whole area to love God and to love each other (Matthew 22:37-40).

Every Monday is set as a work day for the community. In the past, the people built a new clinic for the area, including a small house were patients can stay and a house for women to give birth. MAF brings medical supplies from Tari to the nurse there. We met him and also two people who had to fly with MAF to a hospital. If you ask them about the best thing about MAF they say: “MAF is always there if we need them,” or things like, “If we have an emergency in the area or at the clinic, MAF comes in a few hours or on the very next day to fly the people out to a proper hospital; they truly save lives.”

One of the YWAMers dressing a little boy’s wound

I too am very impressed by the work MAF does for the people in PNG. I can truly see God moving through the work of MAF! Without MAF it would have been impossible for us to go to this remote area to preach and teach God’s love for and to the people.

Farewell time at Agali after two intense weeks getting to know and love the community

We saw much change in the people’s hearts and lives in just this short amount of time, but I truly believe that the seed we were able to plant will continue to grow on fertile soil (Matthew 13). Our prayer is that God continues to reveal himself to the people in this remote area, that MAF keeps doing what they do for Agali and that this place will turn into a beautiful testimony of God’s kingdom.

I speak for the whole team when I say thank you to God for this amazing time and I would also like to thank MAF and their supporters from all over the world who made this trip possible!
God bless you!
Micha Lucht

The YWAM’s team outreach to Agali and its people didn’t stop after they left the village. It actually continued in a very touching and practical way.
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