MAF is not just about flying to serve others. As an organisation and as individuals we want to help Papua New Guineans to overcome the barriers on the ground as well. 

Written by 10-year old Seth Walter, one of our engineering families’ son, the attached story shows how it can look to reach out into the community by donating not only blood but also time and fellowship and prayer.

Aunty Rosa, Janine Bland and Becky

On Tuesday afternoon, Miss Janine, mom and I went to the Blood Bank at Hagen Hospital to donate blood. We were donating blood for a girl named Blessina from Auntie Rosa’s orphanage.

Blessina is 13 years old and she has aggressive leukaemia. They need to get her to a hospital in Port Moresby so that they can give her chemotherapy. But her blood haemoglobin level is too low to travel. So my mom and Janine, who have the same blood type as Blessina, went to donate some blood.

When you transfer blood, the worker first has to test your haemoglobin level, by pricking your finger and putting a sample of blood in the machine. It takes a minute to analyse it, and then it gives you a number of your level of haemoglobin. Blessina needs blood with a haemoglobin level of at least 13.

Checking the haemoglobin level

My mom’s level was too low but Miss Janine’s was nice and high, so she then gave a bag of blood. First, the worker feels for a vein in your elbow joint. When he finds it, he puts the needle into the vein and the blood drains out into a special bag.

Janine donating blood

Miss Janine was very brave, even though it was her first time giving blood. Auntie Rosa was so happy to have help for Blessina.

We got to go see Blessina up in the children’s ward.

When Blessina first got to the hospital her level was 4.1. The normal level is 12-16. Now, after a few bags of donated blood, it is 7.2. The doctors want to raise it to at least 10 for her to travel.

Leukaemia is a cancer that attacks and kills the blood cells. Chemotherapy is meant to attack the leukaemia cells but it also attacks other cells in your body, like hair cells, so it will be very hard for Blessina.

Please pray for her to come out of this all better and ok.