Pilot Philipp Sutter shared: “Today (13 January 2021) I was very surprised to find a whole family from Dusin at the airstrip in Simbai, waiting to travel to Mount Hagen. It turned out to be a pastor family from the Nazarene church in Dusin, who have been accepted to the Nazarene Bible College near Mount Hagen.
Pastor Thomson Gimalo, his wife and their four children have walked from Dusin to Simbai, which probably is a 3-day walk, as the airstrip there is currently closed, to start a 3-year bible school.
Together with them in the picture are other Dusin passengers, one of them also a pastor.
It was so amazing to see a whole family on the move called by God to a completely new place for them and MAF enabling them to travel quickly and safely the last bit of their journey into a new future. To me it was such an encouragement to meet this lovely happy family. Just a sign from God, that we are part of building his church. MAF makes a difference!”

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