Here comes part 2 of the story about the Dental Clinic Outreach.  Without a break and after experiencing a time of intense heat and work at Niksek, the team just continued with their mission at Moropote, caring for the physical and spiritual well-being of the people there. At Moropote, many people from Kagiru, Bitara, Hanasi, […]

MAF is currently involved in a coordinated effort with other groups (Hevilift, SIL, BUPNG, ICRC, Red Cross SDA, and many others) to provide earthquake relief and medical evacuations. Wednesday, 28 February, MAF performed a joint-effort medevac for a woman outside Huya Airstrip in a village called Fau. MAF received the report and Sharlene Coker, who […]

On Tuesday, 27 February, MAF PNG conducted a 3 hour aerial survey of the regions affected by the recent strong earthquakes in PNG’s mountains highlands region. Pictures obtained from the survey flight have been tagged with their GPS location and are able to be portrayed in Google Earth. Instructions on accessing this material appears below. […]