When the Wewak based Caravan, piloted by Paul Woodington, shut down its engine at April River‘s airstrip the five passengers on board were not only greeted by the hot and humid reality of the jungle but also by a group of local people. They had come as willing helpers to carry the passengers‘ many boxes […]

Once in a while MAF PNG gets blessed by young volunteers coming from overseas offering their skills to the program. One of these is Remo, a 21-year-old Swiss man who has known about MAF’s work for a couple of years and wanted to get more first-hand experience to what MAF does and at the same […]

The beginning of October 2017 saw a new Canadian family join the MAF Papua New Guinea programme. Tim and Laura Neufeld, with their two children, Hannah (4 yrs) and Ethan (then 4 mths), arrived in Mt Hagen, the main base where all new staff first get introduced to the life and work in PNG. In […]